Exercise Your Intention and Discipline Your Mind

Last night I was at a fundraiser for this awesome eco-positive documentary project called the Green Living Project (check them out at www.GreenLivingProject.com) and I conducted this little experiment on intention in my head. There was a raffle coming up and even though I had no idea what the prizes were going to be I said to myself, “I want to win something”! My next thought was, “With all these people you’re not going to win anything. You never win things. The odds are too high. Why are you even hoping to win…that’s stupid!” It was that last thought that kicked in my intention to win one of the door prizes. I needed some discipline and those crazy judgmental thoughts inside my head were running my life and creating a life of lack.

I remembered hearing the idea of holding an intention and so I put that into practice. Some time ago I saw a video of Esther Hicks (the woman who channels and energy called Abraham) and she/Abraham spoke of how holding a positive thought for 17 seconds without any contrary thoughts can allow that thought to become manifest. A year or so ago I also learned something similar from the Kabbalah tradition that says to manifest change you need to think about that change or the thing you are wanting for 18 seconds and to hold that desire in pure form with all the energy in your body and mind – no contradictions.

So, I did! I sat there enjoying listening to the speaker and watching people walk up and claim their prizes. I shifted my energy away from feeling sick and a little sad that my friend had left for the night and I didn’t know anyone to a feeling of excitement that I might meet someone and make a new friend. I shifted my feelings away from lack and connected with abundance and feelings of possibility. My thoughts helped me do this and they went like this, “There are so many cool people here. I wonder who I’ll get to meet? I feel really good about what this Green Living Project is bringing to the world. I want to win something. I like winning things. Why shouldn’t I win something? I’m just as deserving as any one else in this room. Winning is fun! Wouldn’t it be cool to jump and  grab my prize?” And the next moment my name was called out!

I had won! I ran up and grabbed my erector set like travel hula hoop and instructional videos! Woot! Now, I didn’t really want a hula hoop BUT the next moment was awesome. I still felt good about winning and as I sat back down a guy came up to me and said, “You see that lady over there? She really wanted to win that.” So, I walked over to her and gave her the instructional videos. She was so excited! She asked me what I did and when I told her I am a Hypnotherapist she told me how much she wants to see a Hypnotherapist and has been looking for one. My energetic intention led me to win a prize which led me to a potential client AND it allowed me to have a wonderful night.

What did I learn? Well, first and foremost I learned that my Critcal Mind is simply there to protect me. It says mean, nasty, and judgmental things out of love and the drive to keep me comfortable and familiar…even if familiar is miserable. I learned that I could thank my Critical Mind for what it had to say and then move on to bigger and better thoughts. I learned that I do have the power to create my world and whether I would have won that hula hoop or not this moment was an opportunity for me to practice disciplining my mind! Give it a try yourself…17 or 18 seconds of pure focused intentional thought. See where it leads you. You can do it!