Healing – The Body, Mind, Spirit

True deep healing on all levels of our existence (body, mind, spirit) requires us to work through the dis-ease with another pers
on(s). It’s an amazing thing but you can’t really heal completely on your own. It’s a shared experience and you need the “energy” of another person rooting for you. For thousands of years we as a species have sought out this energetic support from others to heal ourselves; the Medicine Man, Witch, Berdasch, Doctor, and Priest. Even in modern medicine we’ve discovered that it’s often the relationship with the care provider that creates the healing. Studies have been done where identical treatments have been offered to patients suffering from the same dis-ease and the patients who healed were the patients who felt confident in and liked their doctor. While those who didn’t heal didn’t like or feel confident in their doctor. These studies suggest that it’s the relationship and beliefs about healing that actually created the healing. Again, we see that this is something you can’t do on your own.


I find the most powerful healings to occur with my clients when we create a team of healers all focused on the well being of you. We develop a team that addresses each level of your existence, the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit. For example, on a personal level, as I work through my testosterone drop (my hormones dropped into a dangerously low level a little over a year ago) I’ve begun engaging a few different body workers to help me. I’ve seen a Rolfing practitioner, chiropractor, and deep tissue massage therapist as this drop in my hormones has a physical side to it. Addressing my nutritional habits and starting to take really god quality vitamins/supplements has helped as well.


On the Mind front, I’ve started talking about this more and releasing the feelings of fear and shame associated with my opinions and judgments around this dis-ease. Simply writing about this and sharing my experience with you now, in this moment, is taking away any embarrassment about what’s happened which is a healing in itself. I have a strong core group of friends who support me and they’re often my “therapists” who provide perspective and understanding for me. I also do hypnotherapy to add to this Mind side of the work and heal the abusive chatter of my Critical Mind. I’m sure you know that chatter or voice inside your head that is self-defeating and likes being sick. Being sick or in dis-ease is often strangely comfortable and familiar. We all have a Critical Mind and I’ve enlisted mine to work for me in creating this healing instead of allowing it to tear me down. Once I assigned the Critical Mind a new job it was happier and I was happier and my thoughts could focus on being well instead of being focused on the pain of not being well.


On a Spirit level I’ve discovered all kinds of fascinating things about my life journey and I’ve done Akashic Records work as well as engaged intuitive healers and psychics. I’ve even brought an element of ceremony and shamanic traditions into my daily life. If anyone wants to experience my “Burn Ceremony” just let me know! Meditation is also playing a huge part in my healing and the experiences that are coming up from that work are surprising; from past life experiences and memories to a sense of resolution and angst release. I’m feeling more comfortable then ever in my skin.


There is more to be done but addressing my dis-ease on all these levels has created a sense of ease within me. I’ve created a strong sense of wellness within my body and mind and I’ve brought my hormone level up to an acceptable level. There is more to do but here’s the real “kicker”, it has allowed me to see and begin accepting the GIFT OF THE DIS-EASE. That’s a little surprising for some people, recognizing that there is a benefit personally in the dis-ease. Through working with all these different healers I’ve been given the gift of knowing myself deeper then I ever imagined possible and I’ve been able to share the essence of me with each of them. Most importantly, my dis-ease is asking me to love me even more, exactly as I am, and this has been the difficult thing for me to learn.


Creating a “team” of people all focused on my, and by default their, well being has created a healing in me on many levels. Right now, I’m encouraging you to create your own team! Look at what your dis-ease is and create a team to help you heal on all levels of your being…and let me know if I can be of help. After all that’s why Create Your Health is here, to be on your team and give you guidance through the many choices for healing, Body, Mind, Spirit, that are available to you. Be well!